Simulation data on the thermohydraulic performance of double corrugated regenerators for elastocaloric application

Published: 21 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3vwcn838k4.1
Kristina Navickaitė,
Michael Penzel,
Christian Robert Haffenden Bahl,
Kurt Engelbrecht,
Jaka Tušek,
André Martin,
Mike Zinecker,
Andreas Schubert


This data set contains the CFD simulation results on double corrugated plate regenerators intended to be used for elastocaloric cooling applications. The double corrugated plate geometry is based on the geometry of the blood vessels found in certain fish that maintain the whole or regional body temperature above the surrounding water temperature [Wegner et al. 2015]. In order to adequately evaluate the thermohydraulic performance of the double corrugated plate regenerators, the flat plate regenerator was used as the reference. The geometries were build using CAD software and simulated using Comsol Multiphysics. The modelling conditions are fully described in Navickaitė et al. 2019. In total five different geometries have been investigated. The simulations results are uploaded in this data set as Text files. Each file contains the full data set for each geometry that is presented in Navickaitė et al. (Submitted to Sustainability under the title "CFD-simulation assisted design of elastocaloric regenerator geometry"). The methodology of the data analysis and the obtained results are also presented there. The procedure of constructing a segment of the double corrugated plate using CAD geometry is provided in PDF. A 3D model of the double corrugated plate used as an example for the explanation of the geometry construction in CAD is also provided.



Energy Engineering, Cooling, Thermal Condition Simulations