Crack Development in a Physical Model of Undisturbed Expansive Soil Slope under Wet-Dry Cycles

Published: 2 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3w52s6k955.1
Andrew Amenuvor,


The data presented here investigates the development of cracks and structure in a physical model of undisturbed expansive clay slope and a small core sample subjected to five cycles of wetting and drying. Surface crack development was monitored with digital cameras installed at fixed locations to capture periodic images of the cracking surface. Photographs of the cracking surfaces were then processed through image analysis to quantify the cracks by using the crack intensity factor (CIF) and also to determine the surface area of crack polygons. Crack development at depth was monitored through glass boards installed at the sides of the model tank. Suction probes and moisture probes were installed in the soil to monitor changes in suction and moisture content at various stages of the wet/dry cycles in the physical model. In addition, soil sampling was carried out at the surface at various stages to determine water content by gravimetric method



Soil, Slope Stability, Civil Geotechnical Engineering