BES of Container Farms: Code & Data

Published: 1 June 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/3xbz7cth2b.2
Ruizhi Song


This dataset is the supplementary material of the manuscript "Building energy modeling with dynamic plant loads and estimations on energy saving methods of container farms in different climates". The folder "Experiment data" includes: indoor climate data and lettuce grow data of a real container farm (CF) through a growth cycle, the calculated daily plant and lighting loads (to feed into the EnergyPlus model). The folder "Codes" includes Python codes of: programming the plant energy model and calculating experimental data, programming the energy saving methods (lighting schedule shift and building envelope design), batch-modifying and running EnergyPlus IDF files of parameter studies, and post-processing EnergyPlus outputs of energy saving methods. The folder "Schedule Files" includes CSV files of 24 lighting schedules alternatives, which are fed into the EnergyPlus models for evaluating lighting schedule shift. It is matched with the Python code of programming lighting schedule shift. The folder "BES results" includes EnergyPlus CSV outputs of CFs adopting energy saving methods (lighting schedule shift and building envelope design), for eight climate zones.



Agricultural Engineering, Energy Use in Building, Energy Modelling