Data for: In vitro assessment of egg yolk-, soya bean lecithin- and liposome-based extenders for cryopreservation of dairy bull semen

Published: 2 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3xmzntdwrr.1
Teresa Mogas,
Maria Montserrat Rivera del Alamo,
Sara Miguel-Jimenez,
Ana Pena,
Rodrigo Muiño,
Carlos Hidalgo Ordóñez,
Joan E Rodriguez-Gil


Correlation analysis (Pearson), presented as R2 and p-value. Viable sperm = percentage of spermatozoa SYBR-14+/PI-; Sperm with an intact plasma membrane and compromised acrosomes = percentage of spermatozoa PNA-FITC+/PI-; Live sperm with a low lipid disorder = percentage of M540-/YoPro-1-; Superoxide levels = percentage of spermatozoa E+/YoPro-1- and Peroxide levels = percentage of spermatozoa DCF+/PI-. TM = total motility (%), VCL = curvilinear velocity (µm/s), VSL = straight-line velocity (µm/s), VAP = average path velocity (µm/s), LIN = percentage of linearity (%), STR = percentage of straightness (%), WOB = oscillation or wobble coefficient (%), ALH = amplitude of lateral head displacement (µm) and BCF beat cross frequency (Hz), in thaw bull semen samples frozen-thawed using Triladyl®, Bioxcell®, Andromed®, and Optixell® as semen extenders.