The impact of different intensity light exposure on cognitive ability of college students

Published: 7 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3xrfyksmjz.1
Yinying Tao, Hongfeng Han


Most studies on the impact of light exposure on human cognition have limited data collection at the subjective cognitive level to basic information collection such as Psychomotor Vigilance Test(PVT) and Karolinska Sleepiness Scale(KSS) , and there are few studies on college stu- dents as experimental participants. This study explores the impact of different lighting environ- ments on college students’ cognitive performance. 20 experimental participants experienced three different lighting environments: dark light (5lx), dim light (50lx), and bright light (1500lx) in a specific environment, and completed four Digit Span Test, Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, Stroop Test, and Trail Making Test Cognitive test and an reading comprehension test, PVT and KSS tests were completed before and after the entire experimental process.And we collected saliva samples from experimental participants after light exposure to measure melatonin concentrations.



Cognitive Factor, Cognitive Ergonomics, Cognitive Effect