Data for: Diffusion of hydrogen in China Reduced Activation Ferritic-martensitic steels at low temperatures

Published: 27 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3y49w4jg92.1
Chang An CHEN


Fig.2. The microstructure by OM and TEM of CLAM (a, c) and CLF-1 (b, d) steels Fig.3. The surface morphology of CLAM (a, b) and CLF-1 (c, d) steels coated with Pd membranes Fig.4. (a) Cross section microstructure of CLAM steel coated with Pd; (b) Cross section microstructure of CLF-1 steel coated with Pd membrane; (c) Element mapping of selected field in (a); (d) Element mapping of selected field in (b); (e) Element line scanning of A to B in (a); (f) Element line scanning of C to D in (b). Fig.5. Phase structure of CLAM and CLF-1 steels before and after coated with Pd membrane Fig.6. Typical hydrogen permeation curve as function of time for CLAM steel coated with Pd membrane at 303 K Fig.7. Hydrogen permeability through the CLAM-Pd and CLF-1-Pd membranes versus the inverse temperature Fig.8. SEM images of CLAM-Pd (a) and CLF-1-Pd (b) after hydrogen permeation



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