Bibliographic data and bibliometric analysis of the literature about “Seaweed Biorefinery” from WoS

Published: 28 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3yjsm857fv.1
Xueqian Zhang,


The uploaded data and codes are useful for conducting a bibliometric analysis to describe the research field "Seaweed Biorefinery." The bibliographic data is a collection of records describing scientific publications related to the topic “seaweed biorefinery” obtained from Web of Science (WoS) database. The codes are for processing the bibliographic data in R by applying a specialized R-package called “Bibliometrix”; the first part of the scripts is intended for descriptive analysis and the second part is for co-word analysis. The R scripts and bibliographic collection are provided in the file “R Scripts and Data of the Bibliometric” “Supplementary Information.docx” provides the details of the bibliographic data retrieval, introduces the descriptive analysis and co-word analysis, and presents the results of both analyses.


Steps to reproduce

Prerequisite: R (free software; download link can be found below in the “References” Section) Steps: 1. extract all files contained in “R Scripts and Data of the Bibliometric” to a folder 2. in R, set the folder where the extract files are as the working directory 3. click “run” for each line of the code


Aarhus Universitet


Literature Review, Biorefinery, Bibliometrics, Macroalgae, Seaweed