Helper scripts

Published: 01-10-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3zhx6kyytp.1
Coral del Val


Collection of Perl and R helper scripts for extracting and summarizing some fields from the Pepstats and Fuzzpro outputs. Both programs belong to the EMBOSS open source suite. 'When using these scripts, please cite Konstantina Karathanou, Michalis Lazaratos, Éva Bertalan, Malte Siemers, Krzysztof Buzar, Gebhard F.X. Schertler, Coral del Val, and Ana-Nicoleta Bondar (2020). A graph-based approach identifies dynamic H-bond communication networks in spike protein S of SARS-CoV-2'


Steps to reproduce

1-Generate output with the corresponding emboss program 2- use the corresponding 3- use the corresponding R script for summarizing the results