Data for: Validation of a monetary Taylor Aggression Paradigm: associations with trait aggression and role of provocation sequence

Published: 18 Feb 2020 | Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3zrpsmpxdx.1

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The present study had four objectives. First, we aimed at replicating the effects of provocation on reactive aggression in a monetary modified Taylor Aggression Paradigm (mTAP). Moreover, we examined the moderating role of gender expecting higher gender differences under conditions of low provocation and smaller gender differences under conditions of high provocation. In terms of convergent validity, we hypothesized a significant relationship between self-reported trait aggression and behavioral aggression outcomes in the laboratory paradigm. Finally, to explore the role of provocation sequence, the monetary stimuli (0 - 90 cents) were presented either randomly or in a fixed sequence. In contrast to the random sequence, the fixed sequence was generated as triplets of the same provocation category. Because of the more homogeneous provocation sequence in the fixed condition, we expected higher aggression levels after higher provocation and lower aggression levels after lower provocation in this experimental condition. In this experiment, 209 young healthy participants (104 males, 105 females) completed a mock competitive reaction time task with a fictional opponent with 40% preprogrammed win and 60% lose trials. In lose trials, participants were provoked by subtracting a low (0 - 20 euro cents), medium (30 - 60 cents) or high (70 - 90 cents) amount of money from their account.

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Validation of a monetary Taylor Aggression Paradigm: Associations with trait aggression and role of provocation sequence

Published in: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

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  • Version 1


    Published: 2020-02-18

    DOI: 10.17632/3zrpsmpxdx.1

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    Konzok, Julian; Kreuzpointner, Ludwig; Henze, Gina-Isabelle; Wagels, Lisa; Kärgel, Christian; Weidacker, Kathrin; Schiffer, Boris; Eisenbarth, Hedwig; Wüst, Stefan; Kudielka, Brigitte (2020), “Data for: Validation of a monetary Taylor Aggression Paradigm: associations with trait aggression and role of provocation sequence”, Mendeley Data, v1


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Aggression, Hierarchical Linear Model


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