Survey Data from an Experimental Study in Supporting Parental Engagement among Chinese Low-income Families in their Children’s English Learning Through Home-literacy Activities

Published: 10 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/43fjx5m99p.1
, Shifang Tang


The raw dataset was generated from the online survey assessing low-SES parents’ perceived engagement in their children’s English learning before and after the intervention. The survey was administered among 172 parents in both treatment and control conditions, 86 in each condition. The dataset began with a random id (column A) and condition (treatment/control, column B), followed by four major groups of variables: (a) demographic information (columns C-G) including parents’ age, years of English learning, highest educational degree, English certificate, and status of children’s after school English tutoring; (b) 10-item parental engagement pre-score (columns H-Q), (c) 10-item parental engagement post-score (columns R-aa), and (d) open-ended question on perceived impact of the intervention on children’s English learning (column AB-AG). This is for treatment only with 86 responses. Parents’ responses to the open-ended question were in Mandarin Chinese.



Bilingual Education, Parental Involvement in Learning, Elementary Children