Dataset of characteristics of river basins within the Belgorod ecological region

Published: 5 January 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/43sp4rxzsh.1
Fedor Lisetskii,


The structural characteristics of 60 main river basins in the Belgorod ecoregion are presented as an information basis for the implementation of basin management projects. The indicators of the typification of catchments (the share of forests, the share of arable land, the share of the area of southern slopes, the yield reduction factor, the relief function (LS), the erosion index of precipitation, the density of the river network) with the main statistical estimates characterize 188 river basins, which was used for their hierarchical classification. The results of assessing the ecological effect of an increase in the share of perennial grasses in the structure of crop rotations on the lands of river basins made it possible to differentiate them into eight ecological categories (from decaying to ecological balance).


Steps to reproduce

Dataset of structural and ecological characteristics of river basins in the Belgorod ecological region was used for basin organization projects for 52 river basins, including 188 watersheds from 4 to 7 orders.


Belgorodskij gosudarstvennyj nacional'nyj issledovatel'skij universitet


River Basin, Agricultural Land, Landscape Protection