Dataset for "Where to draw the line? Using movement data to inform protected area design and conserve mobile species"

Published: 20 March 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/44mg6skx4w.2
Chi-Yeung Choi,
He-Bo Peng,
Peng HE,
Xiaotong Ren,
Shen Zhang,
Micha V. Jackson,
Xiaojing Gan,
Ying Chen,
Yifei Jia,
Maureen Christie,
Tony Flaherty,
Kar-Sin Katherine Leung,
Chenxing Yu,
Nicholas J. Murray,
Theunis Piersma,
Richard Fuller,
Zhijun Ma


The zip file contains an excel spreadsheet with the radio tracking data and the hourly tidal height information. The zip file also contain a folder with shape files for different protected areas mapped in the manuscript.