HSSF CW, in a slum near Marrakesh

Published: 12 November 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4537kx7mmb.2
Nour Eddine Alaa,


Our artificial marsh that was the subject of the experimental installation is an underground wetland with horizontal flow below the surface (HSSF CW). We have produced two bioreactors in the urban community of Douar Ait Hammou in Ghmat which is located near Marrakech (Morocco). These geographic coordinates are as follows: 31 ° 25'38.9 "N 7 ° 46'35.8" W. It is a shanty town with about 500 inhabitants. The main goal of our experience is to sensitize the inhabitants of this slum on the need to transform wastewater, which previously is thrown into the wild, into water usable for the irrigation of agricultural fields and trees and some nurseries (which is the major specialty of the inhabitants of this urban community). Our two bioreactors are installed in the form of a rectangular tank with the following dimensions: 5.00 m long, 1.00 m wide and 0.60 m deep. Three different porous support layers were used, namely a draining layer, a transition layer and a filtering layer. One of them is not planted and the other is planted using a reed (Phragmites autralis) in order to understand and justify the interest of the plantation. We have reported in the following Excel table the results of the measurements that we have made for 120 days.



Water Science, Bioprocess Modeling