The list of rotifer and micro-crustacean taxa identified in the inland waters of the regions of Russian Arctic

Published: 15-12-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/45tbyx9r3n.1
Olga Dubovskaya,
Olga Kononova,
Larisa Frolova,
Ekaterina Abramova,
Gulnara Nigamatzyanova


The list of taxa from planktonic and benthic samples collected from inland continental waterbodies in seven regions of the Russian Arctic is provided in Table 1. The table contains a complete list of the lower-rank taxa of micro-invertebrates (Rotifera, Cladocera and Copepoda) for the regions, which summarizes results of our own and literature data on the freshwater fauna of the chiefly lentic waterbodies, based on modern taxonomy of the groups under study. Each column of Table 1 corresponds to one region: the Kola Peninsula (Region I), the Pechora River Delta (Region II), the Bolshezemelskaya tundra (Region III), the Polar Ural (Region IV), the Putorana Plateau (Region V), the Lena River Delta (Region VI), the Indigirka River Basin (Region VII). If the only source of information on species presence in the study region was literature data, we referred to the source in Table 1. The detailed analysis of the list of taxa is given in [1], where it is similar to Dataset 2: Zooplankton and Meiofauna across Arctic Regions of Russia. The list of species of zooplankton and meiofauna contains our own findings and literature data chiefly for the period from the 1960-s to the 2010-s (1960-2017). Our own findings were obtained by analyzing samples of zooplankton, meiobenthos, and two cores of bottom sediments (from Regions I, Lake Antyuh-Lambina, and III, Lake Kharbey) that we collected in summer time. Primary data sources for some points: [2-8].