The large old Ginkgos in Jiangsu, East China(including dbh, position, habitats, etc.)

Published: 15-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/465xbrrd72.1
Guangfu Zhang


Ginkgo biloba, endemic to China, has been widely cultivated for many years worldwide. Large old Ginkgos (≥100 years; LOGs hereafter) have important ecological, economic, and cultural values. Jiangsu had 2123 LOG individuals and 237 LOG groups based on our investigation. We investigated these LOGs within Jiangsu, and recorded their DBH, GPS position and site name. Additionally, LOGs can be divided into three protection categories based on China’s classification standards: 100 years ≤ tier 1 ≤ 299 years; 300 ≤ tier 2 ≤ 499 years; tier 3 ≥ 500 years.