How to integrate AI Technologies in Business Operations and Decision Making

Published: 22 April 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/46dxdp3zcc.2
Nabanita Das


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in major and minor business areas. A system or robot can perform tasks ten times faster than people without limitations on the system being built. In our daily lives, phones, Google, cars, and other items are used to improve and automate our daily lives & tasks better. However, there are challenges when any organization tries to develop, adopt, and deploy an AI system. The continuous understanding, research, feedback, parameters & mathematical operations allow us to identify bugs & issues and help to identify the system output or performance. Their fundamental training process better understands AI systems and, as a result, provides predictive ability. The following topics: the future of AI to create a business strategy to deploy AI systems, how AI technologies can be used to improve operations in organizations, technical characteristics of proposed systems, proposed systems development with deployment timeline, user acceptance testing & impact details, performance testing, Training & monitoring guidelines, limitation, potential barriers and challenges of newly adopted systems, ethical Issues & how to address them, strategic implication with short & long team future goals with a conclusion will be discussed in this paper.



National University


Artificial Intelligence, Business Strategy, Data Integration, Ethical Issue, Automation Process