Data for: Monthly estimation of the surface water extent in France at a 10-m resolution using Sentinel-2 data

Published: 19 April 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/475kmt7ysv.3
Xiucheng Yang,
Qiming Qin,
Hervé Yésou,
Thomas Ledauphin,
Mathieu KOEHL,
Zhe Zhu


A national product of Surface Water Dynamics in France (SWDF) on a monthly temporal scale and 10-m spatial scale is generated using an automatic rule-based superpixel (RBSP) approach. The datasets include the monthly, seasonal, annual (permanent and maximum extents) and annual frequency maps of surface water bodies in France using Sentinel-2 imagery. Also, the datasets provide our validation data (200 sampling points and two local lakes). The detailed description and methodology can be found in the linked manuscript and its supplemental materials. If you have any additional questions, please contact


Steps to reproduce

Please see the linked paper


Surface Water, Inland Waters of Europe, Optical Remote Sensing