Published: 31 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/479khyv5yb.1
Mohammed AL shuhoumi


Lead Exposure Survey Tool (LEST). LEST is an evidence-based research tool. The tool takes into consideration the regional sociocultural characteristics of the middle east and north Africa (MENA) member nations. It is designed to fit the various research questions in respect to lead exposure.


Steps to reproduce

The lead exposure survey tool was initiated in the year 2023 by a group of scientists from the MENA countries [Al Sukaiti and Al Shuhoumi et al, 2023]. The current version (2023) was created using findings from the published study by Al Sukaiti WS and Al Shuhoumi MA et al in 2023 that was created based on critically evaluated systematic review and expert consensus that takes into consideration the Socio-cultural influence and other factors listed in the published work. The current version will be updated whenever necessitated by the scientific approach based on critical evaluation tool literature review, interviews with the lead exposure survey tool, e-DELPHI study though MENA and non-MENA experts. The lead exposure survey tool creators are always looking for ways to test and enhance the program. Feedback from users is always valued.


Emory University, Sohar Hospital, Ibri Hospital, Armed Forces Hospitals Southern Region


Environment and Health