Hansen et al., 2019. Results of mixing calculations, fractionation calculations and partial melting calculations in association with a petrological study of selected basaltic rocks of the Faroe Islands.

Published: 27-07-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/47fzntf2b3.1
Jogvan Hansen,
Dougal Jerram,
Chris Ottley,
Mike Widdowson


Calculated/modelled geochemical and isotopic data as shown in figures/diagrams of Hansen et al., 2019 (same authors as shown here): "Contrasting TiO2 compositions in Early Cenozoic mafic sills of the Faroe Islands: an example of basalt formation from distinct melting regimes". Please read the actual article for information on research hypothesis, notable findings and on how the actual data were acquired and how these can be interpreted.