Vibration Displacement Dataset of Rotors under Various Operational Conditions: High-speed Camera Video Data and Eddy current displacement sensor data

Published: 25 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/47y7rwc2yg.1
Wenjing Kang,


The experimental study involved measuring the vibration of a rotor under multiple operational conditions. The experiment was carried out on the single-disk, dual-span rotor test rig with the positioning of four sensors. Data were recorded using four eddy current displacement sensors, capturing voltage signals that correspond to displacement with a conversion factor determined by a sensitivity of 10V/mm. The sensors were set to sample at a rate of 1000 samples per second. In conjunction with the sensors, a Phantom high-speed camera equipped with a Nikon optical lens was used to record the rotor during operation, with a sampling rate set to 500 frames per second and a resolution of 1280 x 800. The experimental data were collected under three different unbalanced masses, with set rotational speeds of 1000,2000, and 3000 rpm for steady-state conditions, as well as ramp-up experiments where the rotor was accelerated from rest to 3000 rpm over intervals of 4 seconds and 6 seconds, under the same three unbalanced mass conditions. This supplementary dataset includes: - Eddy current sensor data capturing the vibration of the rotor under various conditions. - Original high-speed video recordings of the rotor in operation under various conditions. - Model data of the experimental rotor rig, detailing its setup and configuration. Naming Convention and File Descriptions - Unb1, Unb2, Unb3: Indicate the three different unbalance masses tested. - 1000rpm, 2000rpm, 3000rpm: Specify the constant rotational speeds at which the experiments were conducted. - 4s, 6s: Denote the time intervals for the rotor to accelerate from rest to 3000 rpm. - 4s-Unb1.csv, 6s-Unb1.csv: Acceleration data for Unbalance Condition 1 over 4s and 6s periods. - 4s-Unb2.csv, 6s-Unb2.csv: Acceleration data for Unbalance Condition 2 over 4s and 6s periods. - 4s-Unb3.csv, 6s-Unb3.csv: Acceleration data for Unbalance Condition 3 over 4s and 6s periods. - 1000rpm-Unb1.csv, 1000rpm-Unb2.csv, 1000rpm-Unb3.csv: Steady-state data at 1000 rpm for Unbalance Conditions 1,2, and 3. - 2000rpm-Unb1.csv, 2000rpm-Unb2.csv, 2000rpm-Unb3.csv: Steady-state data at 2000 rpm for Unbalance Conditions 1,2, and 3. - 3000rpm-Unb1.csv, 3000rpm-Unb2.csv, 3000rpm-Unb3.csv: Steady-state data at 3000 rpm for Unbalance Conditions 1,2, and 3. The raw video files correspond to the sensor data files, i.e. videos taken from experiments conducted under the same rotor operating conditions. The video files corresponding to the operating conditions have the same name and the extension .avi. For detailed dimensions and structure of test rig, please refer to the three-dimensional model provided with the dataset. We offer the model in both STP and X_T formats for compatibility and convenience. For a more comprehensive understanding on the proper usage of this data, please see the '' in the data set.


Steps to reproduce

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Xi'an Jiaotong University


Video Acquisition, Mechanical Vibration, Rotor Dynamics, Rotor System