Weibull analysis on the flexural strength of lithium silicate glass-ceramics

Published: 20 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4824xzvh96.1
Xinyi Xu


This database contains processed data of flexural strength obtained on lithium disilicate glass-ceramics bars prepared under different experimental protocols. The data were analyzed with two-parameter Weibull distribution as shown by the equation in which the probability of failure Pf is expressed as a function of flexural strength σ_ : P_f=1-exp[-(σ/σ_∅ )^m ] The Weibull parameter was obtained by performing linear regression on the double logarithm of the resulting two-parameter Weibull distribution following the equation: ln⁡[ln⁡(1/(1-P_f )) ]=m ln⁡σ-m ln⁡〖σ_ϕ 〗 Where σ_∅ is Weibull characteristic strength at P_f = 63.2%; m is Weibull modulus which can be obtained as the slope of the fitting line when plotting ln⁡[ln⁡(1/(1-P_f )) ] vs. ln⁡σ.



Rutgers University - Busch Campus


Glass Ceramics, Flexural Strength, Weibull Distribution