Perseverance MEDA/TIRS aerosol retrievals

Published: 2 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/48phhtkcj8.1
Michael Smith


This file contains retrieval results of aerosol optical depth using observations taken by the Perseverance rover Thermal InfraRed Sensor (TIRS), which is part of the MEDA instrument suite on the rover. The file has 8 columns, which are given in a one-line header: 1. Local True Solar Time (LTST) 2. Total aerosol optical depth 3. Ls (Mars Year 36) 4. Observed IR1 signal from TIRS (W m-2) 5. Observed IR2 signal from TIRS (as an effective temperature) 6. Elevation angle above the horizon of the TIRS field of view 7. Fractional sol number 8. Integer sol number



Atmospheric Aerosols, Mars