Data from: Coping with environmental degradation: physiological and morphological adjustments of wild mangrove fish to decades of aquaculture-induced nutrient enrichment

Published: 14 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/48z94txmpk.1
Alexia Dubuc


This dataset comprises all raw data used in Dubuc et al., 2024 published in Marine Pollution Bulletin. For additional information regarding the methods used to calculate the different metabolic variables, variables meaning and units, please refer to the published article. Respirometry experiments were run on two populations of Siganus lineatus, one living in a mangrove site receiving aquaculture effluents, and one living in a comparable control site with no known anthropogenic impact. We measured and compared different physiological and morphological traits to test the effect of environmental degradation on this species. We performed respirometry trials to measure different metabolic parameters and hypoxia tolerance. We also conducted haematology analysis, gill morphometry and measured morphology traits.



Ecology, Physiology, Hematology, Aquaculture, Gill, Water Quality, Coastal Ecosystem, Eutrophication, Environmental Degradation, Mangrove, Animal Morphology