English in Theological Context: Syllabus Design

Published: 29 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/49bn8mdwdz.1
thobias sarbunan


Core Competencies:1. Speaking Ability: Students can eloquently present theological views in English. 2. Listening Ability: Students grasp English-language theology. 3. Reading Ability: Students can comprehend and analyze English theological writings. 4. Writing Ability: Students can write theological views in proper English. 5. Understanding Theological Context: Students may relate English to the Bible and Christian theology. Auxiliary Competency: 6. Critical Thinking: Students may analyze English theological materials critically. 7. Argumentation: English-speaking students may make good theological arguments. 8. Use of Reference Resources: English-language reference materials may help students with theological study.


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This section provides a compilation of timetables for teaching English in the theology department, focusing on developing higher-order thinking skills and effective communication. The objective is to cultivate theology students who will become esteemed graduates and valuable human resources at national and global levels. Furthermore, the calendar consists of 16 sessions, each featuring a comprehensive description of the objectives of the respective subject. The timetable is designed by the students' activity model and process and incorporates a rubric evaluation.


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