Published: 22 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/49hgkrrcrv.1
Neel Chanchad,


Graph Data: This data set comprises 30 different graphs, each detailing the edges, their associated costs, and the probability of failure for each edge. Additionally, each graph includes information on the source node and destination node. Weather Data: This data set comprises weather conditions (test instances) for 30 different graphs. Each graph is represented by a separate file, containing 1,000 unique weather conditions. For each weather condition, the list of available edges is provided. This comprehensive data set allows for extensive analysis and testing of algorithms related to graph traversal and pathfinding under varying conditions. Solution Data: This data set contains the results ( including paths and costs) for 30,000 test instances, evaluated using four different approaches: OFFLINE, AHOP, MLN, and MLP. Each file within the data set includes results for 1,000 instances. This comprehensive data set supports comparative analysis of these four approaches, facilitating research on their effectiveness and efficiency in pathfinding and cost.



University of Arkansas Fayetteville


Stochastic Optimization, Path Planning