Data for: A Response Matrix Spectral Nodal Method for Energy Multigroup X,Y-geometry Discrete Ordinates Problems in Non-multiplying Media

Published: 13 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/49ncwn3xm6.1
Ricardo Barros, Odair Silva, Hermes Alves Filho, Mateus Guida


A new spectral nodal method is proposed for coarse-mesh numerical solution of energy multigroup X,Y-geometry discrete ordinates (SN ) transport problems in non-multiplying media. This method uses the Response Matrix (RM) technique to solve analytically the multigroup one-dimensional transverse-integrated SN nodal equations with approximations only for the node-edge angular fluxes in the transverse leakage terms. We approximate these leakage terms by constants, hence we refer to the present spectral nodal method as the RM-Constant Nodal (RM-CN) method. We show in numerical calculations that the offered RM- CN method generates so accurate solutions as the companion spectral Green’s function-constant nodal (SGF-CN) method, whose mathematical preliminaries are essentially the same, except that the multigroup RM-CN algorithm is both algebraically and computationally simpler than the SGF-CN method.



Particle Transport