Study and analysis of IP phones

Published: 18 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4b3rd2mjts.1
Sakshi Sinha


IP phones is widely used in corporate sector. So it is not always necessary that IP phones work effectively all the time. Various issues can hinder the proper working of the IP phones. The most severe issue that lies with the IP phones is that the Vlan is not created so there is a need to update the configuration. This can be done by checking the network configuration in settings of the IP phone. The other two defects that lies with the IP phone is the display and power on issue . As the name suggests display issue means that there is a vague hindered data displayed on the screen and the power on issue suggests that there is a power on issue. These issues can be solved if there is a proper knowledge of networking.The attached data is the flowchart how the issues regarding IP phones can be solved and as a case study 31 IP phones from a corporate organization is studied and analyzed.



Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology