MIDI-AM Videogame Usability in Virtual Learning as a Digital Pedagogical Tool in Emerging Economies

Published: 3 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4bwd8vnryb.1
Nayeth Solorzano


This article analyzes educational video games' usability as a pedagogical support tool in primary early childhood education, particularly in virtual environments of emerging economies. The MIDI-AM series of educational digital games is used as a case study that focuses on learning by playing using technology. The study examines the degree of usability, applicability, and relevance of these serious games as pedagogical tools in educational virtuality, identifying opportunities for improvements and designing a practical methodology to evaluate them as part of the teaching-learning process. A triangulated analysis is carried out with mixed methods, evaluating data generated in a control panel of MIDI-AM applications, focus groups with teachers and parents of local schools, and user satisfaction questionnaires. The results regarding usability and relevance of the applications were primarily positive. However, certain shortcomings in these applications' structure and possible opportunities for improvement within the educational context applicability were also identified.



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