Data for the analyses of the " Recent volcano-tectonic activity of the Ririba rift and the evolution of rifting in South Ethiopia"

Published: 10 July 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4cb2cngpf2.1
Zara Franceschini,
Raffaello Cioni,
Stéphane Scaillet,
Giacomo Corti,
Federico Sani,
Ilaria Isola,
Francesco Mazzarini,
Florian Duval,
Asfaw Erbello,
Ameha Atnafu Muluneh,
Sascha Brune


This repository comprehends all the data supporting the analysis of the recent volcano-tectonic activity of the Ririba rift, at the southern tip of the Ethiopian Rift Valley, near the Kenya/Ethiopia border. It consists of a pdf file, two .kmz files and two Excel tables. Specifically, the pdf file ('Supplementary material') includes a list of the samples collected during fieldwork (Table S1), details concerning the methodology employed in the morphometric analysis of volcanic structures (S2) and in the statistical analysis of vent clustering and its results (S3), and chemical analysis of the collected volcanic rock samples (Table S4). The two Excel tables report the data used for the morphometric analysis of the subset of volcanic centres (specifically, 26 for Dilo VF and 41 for Mega VF) which could be well delimited from satellite images (Table S2d contains information of the volcanic cones and lava flows, while Table S2e regards maars and tuff rings). The data collected from remote sensing analysis of the two volcanic fields it is also reported as two .kmz files ("Dilo VF" and "Mega VF"). In each volcanic field, the subset of volcanic centres which have been used to extract morphometric measurements, lava flows, characteristic alignment and vent elongation trends and the sampling sites of the collected rocks are marked.



Tectonics, Ethiopia, Volcanism