Syria-Turkey Migration Crisis Case Study (CMFLP-UMD)

Published: 4 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4ccbmtnpyc.1
Amirreza Pashapour,


Turkey hosts the largest refugee population in the world. The Government of Turkey estimates the total number of registered Syrians under Temporary Protection to be more than 2,225,000 according to a new Policy Note prepared by the World Bank. The Turkish Red Crescent (TRC) has supported refugees on the move in diverse aspects, including health, blood, settlement, and social services. In one case, TRC utilized mobile clinics, such as flatbed multi-clinics, dental clinics, and ophthalmic clinics, to operate health screening for about 500 refugees daily and distributed clothing to more than 3 million displaced people to assist the influx of Syrian RGs from southern borders of Turkey. This dataset includes 30 instances including information related to the network structure, refugee groups with population sizes, capacitated mobile facilities, and cost terms. The data generation phase is shared in the related article prepared by the authors.



Koc Universitesi


Operations Research, Logistics, Uncertainty Modeling, Refugee, Facility Location, Humanitarian Operations