Creating digital accessibility competencies in university students: dataset of learning outcomes

Published: 11 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4chf3cdv9k.1
Yekaterina Kosova,


Every person who deals with e-learning content creation should be competent in digital accessibility rules, universal design principles, and their usage in learning. The dataset contains the learning outcomes of students (177 persons in total) enrolled in the online course "Digital Accessibility of E-learning" in 2021. Dataset fields are: 1) academy or institute name; 2) year of study; 3) type of program (undergraduate/graduate); 4) pedagogical disciplines in curricula(present/absent); 5) course enrollment method (voluntarily/compulsorily); 6) data of digital literacy testing before starting course (self-appraisal/formal assessment); 7) data of formative assessment tests and practices (11 tests, 9 practical tasks); 8) data of digital accessibility competencies final testing (self-appraisal/formal assessment).



Disability, e-Learning, Accessibility Issue, Competency in Education, Competency Modeling, Analysis of Education, Massive Open Online Course, Access to Education