WristSense: A Wrist-wear Dataset for Identifying Aggressive Tendencies

Published: 16 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4cx93gfb8z.1
Norah Almubairik,


The WristSense dataset comprises sensor data collected from Huawei Fit 2 smartwatches worn by participants, including measurements of blood oxygen, sleep patterns, heart rate, physical activity, and stress levels, along with demographic information. This dataset, collected over a period of 3 months, holds significant potential for various applications in different domains. It can be utilized for: 1-Aggressive Behavior Prediction: Developing models to identify aggressive tendencies in individuals wearing wrist-wearables, aiding intervention in law enforcement, security, and workplace safety. 2- Artifact Identification: Assisting in identifying artifacts specific to Huawei wrist devices, enhancing digital forensic investigations, and reducing the risk of overlooking important evidence. 3- Crime Scene Reconstruction: Integrating data into 3D modeling for accurate crime scene reconstruction, supporting investigations of serious crimes within the law enforcement process. 4-Criminal Profiling: Analyzing behavior patterns to build comprehensive profiles in digital forensics investigations, providing insights into individuals' activities and involvement in criminal cases. 5- Healthcare and Wellness: Studying sleep patterns, heart rate, and stress levels to gain insights into individuals' health and well-being, assisting in personalized healthcare and wellness programs. 6-Human Behavior Research: Exploring the relationship between physical activity, stress levels, and demographic factors to understand human behavior patterns and inform social sciences research. 7-Wearable Technology Development: Utilizing the dataset to improve the design and functionality of wrist-wearable devices, enhancing user experience and health monitoring capabilities. 8-The versatility of the WristSense dataset makes it valuable not only in digital forensics but also in various other domains where understanding human behavior and utilizing wearable technology are essential.


Steps to reproduce

To reproduce the results obtained in the WristSense dataset: 1. Reset the Huawei Fit 2 smartwatches and paired iPhone mobile devices. 2. Enable continuous measurement of smartwatch sensors. 3. Create a list of daily tasks, including stress tests and calibration measurements, emphasizing consistent smartwatch wear for 8 days, even during sleep. 4. Collect participant-generated data using MD-NEXT and MD-RED technologies.


King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Digital Investigation, Embedded Device Forensics, Wearable Sensor, Criminal Behavior


King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals