Third molar size predictive model (and associated dataset)

Published: 5 August 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4dv53x925y.2
Denver Marchiori


This model and its associated dataset is based on computed tomography data from 323 molar regions of a multiethnic group of 99 Western Canadian dental patients. This model was created for the following main purpose: to determine whether third molar (M3) crown size* can be accurately and significantly estimated based upon the crown size* of its adjacent predecessors: the first and the second molars (M1 and M2, respectivelly). Our results showed that the crown size of M1 and M2 are reliable predictors for the crown size of the adjacent M3. * Crown size: refers to the mesiodistal length of the crown.



Medicine, Dentistry, Biological Development, Tooth Shape, Tooth Development, Biological Anthropology