Facebook wall post processed data

Published: 11 February 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4dwzvcdsv3.2
Khushnood Abbas


his dataset contains user’s wall post activity information during 14 October 2004 to 21st January 2009. It contains 46951 users and their wall post activity.


Steps to reproduce

While data preparation we have removed the self-influence, i.e the record where the user has acted on his own wall. Further, we have converted this into a bipartite network where there is a link if the user has connected or posted to another user’s wall. http://konect.uni-koblenz.de/networks/facebook-wosn-wall. Viswanath, B., Mislove, A., Cha, M. & Gummadi, K. P. On the evolution of user interaction in Facebook. In Proc. Workshop on Online Social Networks, 37–42 (2009). Abbas K, Shang M, Luo X, et al. Emerging trends in evolving networks: Recent behaviour dominant and non-dominant model[J]. Physica A Statistical Mechanics & Its Applications, 2017, 484.


University of Electronic Science and Technology of China - Qingshuihe Campus


Machine Learning, Social Networks, Time Series, Temporal Analysis