Measurement characterization of bandpass NGD time-domain of 101O-topology passive circuit

Published: 17 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4g7y56mk4j.1
Xiang Zhou, ZhaoYuan Gu, QiZheng Ji, Xiaofeng Hu, Rémy Vauché, Fayrouz Haddad, Wenceslas RAHAJANDRAIBE, Nour Mohammad Murad, Jaroslav Frnda, FaYu Wan, Blaise Ravelo


The negative group delay (NGD) is one of less familiar electronic functions. So far, the time-domain (TD) experimentation of NGD circuits remains a challenging task. This paper investigates an innovative TD measurement of bandpass (BP) NGD passive circuit. The topology of the considered BP NGD distributed circuit constituted by transmission line structure having 101O-geometrical shape is introduced. After the design description of the 101O-structure, the NGD response illustrates from simulation and measurement based on S-parameters. The NGD center frequency, bandwidth and value are approximately 3.6 GHz, 33 MHz and -4.9 ns, respectively. The TD measurement experimentation is based on the sine carrier modulated microwave signal generation with 50-ns duration. The 101O-NGD circuit input and output signals are plotted with innovative synchronization. It was shown from the TD simulated and measured results that the BP NGD effect induces an output envelope about 4.2-ns advanced of the test signal input,



Microwave, Signal Transmission, Time Domain Processing