tesis Doctoral Laura Parada - Evaluación Docente con Base propuesta Lúdica

Published: 9 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4htcy2dt23.1
laura parada


To respond to the needs of an increasingly globalized world, it is urgent to guarantee the quality of education, with a fundamental factor being the way in which teachers are evaluated, particularly those who work in technical and technological programs that allow students to connect with the labor sector. Teacher evaluation has often been limited to the application of surveys to students, which has been questioned, since it is considered that it fails to objectively and adequately evaluate the skills, abilities and qualities of teachers. ace. In this research, an alternative to teaching evaluation is analyzed, which involves play. Through a collaborative process between teachers and students, it results in the transformation of current realities, constituting a way to strengthen the training process. you can see the doctoral: text:https://repository.usta.edu.co/bitstream/handle/11634/14845/2018lauraparada.pdf;jsessionid=A906E614C54FC4480F2F9857D9000FC2?sequence=4


Steps to reproduce

In order to understand the phenomenon, interviews, field notes and questionnaires were applied aimed at the construction with the actors of a more formative, less punitive and more playful and happy teaching evaluation design from the concept of well-being, this was carried out within the framework of training institutions for work, a significant element in the articulation of professionals in the labor field through important training processes in the quality of life and projects of the work and family mission.


Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia


Analysis of Education