Ogundokun Roseline Oluwaseun, Adebiyi Marion Oluwabunmi, Abikoye Oluwakemi C., Oladele Tinuke O.,Dataset on the academic performance of students in 12 programmes from a private university

Published: 13-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4j6wnwyyz3.1
Roseline Ogundokun


The dataset on the academic performance of students in 12 programs from a private university. The overall people sampled for the observation is 2490 undergraduates excavated from 12 programs which are as follows Computer Science (CIS), Mathematics (MAT), Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), Biochemistry (BCH), Mechanical Engineering (MCE), Microbiology (MCB), Civil Engineering (CVE), Computer Engineering (CEN), Chemical Engineering (CHE), Industrial Chemistry (CHM), Information and Communication (ICE), Petroleum Engineering (PET).