Industrial and municipal environmental wastes hazard contaminants assessment datasets

Published: 9 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4jvf24rt26.1
, Dr John Kayode, Khairel Izzuan Ismail,


The novel data for mapping and quantification of the industrial and municipal environmental wastes hazard contaminants using the integration of RES2D techniques and Oasis Montaj Software plays a significant role in the exchanges between the environment, the ecosystems, the soil, and water bodies at the study are. Due to inappropriate disposals, combined with high risks of poorly composed /non-compose, untreated, and unsafe disposed, together with consistent soil and water surface temperatures, pollutants, in particular the landfills leachates contaminant plumes posed serious health related issues and environmental impacts. Application of location intelligent technique to map the gaseous fumes and leachate formations such as the organic contaminants, ammonia, nitrates, total nitrogen, suspended solids, heavy metals and soluble inorganic salts, percolating both the surface and the subsurface water bearing structures. High presence of heavy metals such as, Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd), Chromium (Cr), Cobalt (Co), Copper (Cu), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Nickel (Ni), and Zinc (Zn), in the soil and water samples analyzed from the mixtures of industrial and municipal wastes of the buried materials, could posed grave health challenges as possible sources of environmental pollution. To identify, and understand the fundamentals of the vibrant natural ecosystems, an electrical resistivity geophysical technique employing RES2D no-invasive, cost-effective and rapid technique of data collection, analysis and interpretation was integrated with geochemical analysis of the soil and water samples collected from the site, and the 3D model of the Oasis Montaj software to approximate the volume of the contaminants delineated from mixtures of the industrial, and municipal wastes plumes to be 312,000 m 3 of the generated rectangular prism model. The data area covered both industrial waste disposal (IWD) combined with municipal waste materials (MWM) located at about 1.5 km from the Malaysian Institute of Forest Research and about 1 km from the Bukit Lagong foothill. The raw data consist of six (6) RES2D ERT survey lines along the profiles selected, and evenly distributed on E-W, (3 lines), and N-S (3 lines) as presented in the Excel supplementary raw data file. The second file consist of the details survey parameters used to plot the 3D model in the Oasis Montaj software integrated with the RES2D raw datasets, and the GPS readings for each electrode position along the six geophysical profile lines. The detail pictorial images of all the six geophysical survey lines for the industrial and municipal wastes are presented as data Images in the supplementary file. Data from the soil, and water samples collected at the site and analyzed for hazardous waste materials are presented as Excel file format as the last supplementary data file.


Steps to reproduce

1. Soil and water sampling, analysis and elemental mapping 2. RES2D ERT and IP mapping 3. Volumetric quantification of the contaminants plumes from the RES2DINV data using the 3D Oasis Montaj software. 4. Data analysis and interpretation


Electrical Method in Geophysics, Disposal of Solid Hazardous Waste, Geochemical Prospecting Technique, Integrated Modelling