Data for: Development and use of a clinical decision support system for the diagnosis of social anxiety disorder

Published: 9 March 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4jycfwhb4g.2
Sina Fathi, maryam ahmadi


This dataset is about social anxiety disorder and contains 31 attributes in 3 categories named demographic, emotional, and physical symptoms. The "hasSAD" field refers to the presence of Social Anxiety Disorder in person. Attribute documentation: 1 id: patient identification number 2 age: age in years 3 EducationLevel: Education level ( 1=High School; 2=Diploma; 3=Undergraduate; 4=Bachelor degree; 5=Master degree; 6=Post-graduate 4 Gender: sex (1 = male; 0 = female) 5 HasFamilyHistory: Family history of anxiety or depression (1 = yes; 0 = no) 6 Occupation: (1=Student; 2=Faculty member; 3=Employee; 4=self-employment; 5=Unemployed ) 7 ATF: The fear of being at the center of attention (Range=0-10) 8 EAF: The fear of eating in front of another person (Range=0-10) 9 TKF: The fear of speaking in public (Range=0-10) 10 CMT: The fear of attending parties (Range=0-10) 11 DEF: The fear of eating and drinking in public places(Range=0-10) 12 SMF: The fear of meeting or contact with strangers (Range=0-10) 13 ERF: The fear of getting in a room where others are sitting (Range=0-10) 14 DAF: The fear of disagreement with strangers (Range=0-10) 15 HR: Has heart palpitations (1=yes; 0=no ) 16 SW: Has sweating (1=yes; 0=no ) 17 TR: Has a tremor (1=yes; 0=no ) 18 DR: Has dry mouth (1=yes; 0=no ) 19 BR: Has hard breathing (1=yes; 0=no ) 20 CK: Has a feeling of suffocation (1=yes; 0=no ) 21 CP: Has chest pain (1=yes; 0=no ) 22 NS: Has gastrointestinal discomfort and nausea (1=yes; 0=no ) 23 DZ: Has a feeling of dizzy, weak and sick (1=yes; 0=no ) 24 UR: Has a feeling of being unreal (1=yes; 0=no ) 25 UB: Has a fear of losing balance (1=yes; 0=no ) 26 MD: Has a fear of being crazy (1=yes; 0=no ) 27 TG: Has numbness or moaning (1=yes; 0=no ) 29 hasSAD: (1=yes; 0=no) 30 SPIN: The result of the Social Phobia Inventory questionnaire (Range=0-68) 31 LSAS: The result of the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale questionnaire (Range=0-144)



Statistics, Data Mining, Medical Informatics, Machine Learning, Data Analysis