Gearbox Adaptor Plate

Published: 20 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4k7thj4vt6.1
Nick Murray


Adaptor plate to adapt a different motor to the stock gearbox and mount in the stock location.


Steps to reproduce

Using tools such as Vernier Calipers, tape measure, steel rule, angle finder and 3D modelling software: Measure the gearbox bellhousing holes that attach the motor to the gearbox (and ensure to measure the size, location and the amount of extrusion the input shaft). Measure the replacement motor mounting holes on the back of the motor (ensure the crankshaft location and size is also taken into consideration). Using 3D modelling software, create a model of the adaptor plate that will allow the motor to sit on the gearbox in the correct location and be spaced out the correct amount to allow sufficient engagement of the input shaft to the crankshaft.


Waikato Institute of Technology - Rotokauri Campus


Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering