The fluvial geomorphology of the Río Chubut valley and tributaries (~42°S, ~70°W, Argentina).

Published: 14 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4kfygpz4wt.1
Grace Skirrow


This dataset includes 49 shapefiles detailing past and present drainage of the Rio Chubut catchment headwaters, higher-level terrace framework and lower-level fluvial geomorphology of a 75 km study reach. Shapefiles are georeferenced to the Geographic coordinate system WGS1984 and suitable for use in geographical information system software such as ArcMap. Applications of these data include the visualisation and analysis of contemporary and paleo-drainage of the Rio Chubut. The original publication should be cited when data is used or referred to. Shapefiles are sorted into 4 folders; the "Catchment" folder includes features associated with the past and present feeders to the Rio Chubut (e.g. Lakes, lateral moraines (evidence of glacial feeders) and decoupled drainage channels ("Chubut_Glacial_Catchment.shp")), the "Tributaries" folder includes individual polyline shapefiles for the tributaries feeding Rio Chubut, the "Terraces" folder include shapefiles for the higher-level terraces in the Rio Chubut and tributaries and a txt. file explaining the method and results ("1_METHOD AND RESULTS.txt") of this analysis, finally the "StudyReach" folder includes all geomorphological features mapped in the lower level valley along the 75 km study reach including polyline shapefiles detailing a variety of paleochannels and - for better visualisation -polygon shapefiles marking the boundary between fluvial surfaces.


Steps to reproduce

A geographical information system is recommended for visualisation of these shapefiles. Satellite imagery is recommended (such as the Esri World imagery layer in ArcMap) as a basemap to layer the shapefiles on top of. The density of features mapped at varying scales means each folder is best loaded separately to the scale of: 1:2,500,000 (Catchment), 1:361,104 (Terraces), 1:1,111,989 (Tributaries) and 1:41,315 (StudyReach) to appropriately view the detail of the mapped features.


University of Liverpool


Geomorphology, River Basin, Andes, Environmental Change, River, Headwater, River Terrace