Time series of mesoplastics and microplastics abundance from two sandy beaches in Taiwan

Published: 23 May 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4ksvttht8c.2


This dataset presents microplastics and mesoplastics abundances, shapes and colors from samples collected from two sandy beaches at the northern coast of Taiwan. Samples where collected from Longmen Beach (25.02951°N, 121.9355°E) and from Xialiao Beach (25.21469°N, 121.65406°E). The data set consists of three cvs-files for Longmen Beach and three csv-files for Xialiao Beach. Each of these files contains data about the abundance of particles, shapes, and colors. For a detailed description of sampling location, sampling procedure, plastic particle extraction and counting please refer to: ... Each table contains following data: Date_YYYY-MM-DD = sampling date in the form of year-months-day Country_Region = country or region where samples were collected Location_name = name of the beach where samples were collected Location_lat = coordinates of the sampling location (latitude / N) Location_lon = coordinates of the sampling location (longitude / E) Transect = A letter A, B, C for each of the three transects. Transects are 1 m apart from each other and run perpendicular to the water line starting in the dunes and ending at the intertidal. Position = 50 x 50 cm quadrat from which the samples were taken. Numbering starts in the dunes with 1 and ends at the intertidal. Size_min_mm = lower particle size in mm Size_max_mm = upper particle size in mm Size_class = name of the size class for plastic pieces (microplastics or mesoplastics) Particle_count = number of plastic particles in a sample (only in file "... particle count.csv") Particle_weight_g = weight of the plastic particles found in a sample (only in file "... particle count.csv") Weight_dry_sand_g = dry weight of the sand before plastic particles were extracted (only in file "... particle count.csv") Beach_Zone = beach zone in which the sample was collected (only in file "... particle count.csv") Shapes were classified into following categories: fragment, foamed_plastic, pellet, foil, fiber, fishing_line, cigarette_butt, rope, rubber, fabric, unclear. Colors were classified into following: no_color, black, grey, red_pink, orange_brown_yellow, green, blue, purple



National Taiwan University, Academia Sinica


Environmental Pollution, Coastal Pollution, Plastic Waste, Microplastics


Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan

MOST 110-2116-M001-033-MY2

Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan

MOST 107-2116-M-002-011