Babitonga bay inlet shorelines and adjacent beaches.

Published: 21 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4m9whvxp8z.1
Marcos Felipe Tomasi


This data has the georreferencied vectors of the shoreline position and transect data of the shoreline position evolution of Babitonga bay inlet (Santa Catarina, Brazil). The shorelines and transects data were obtained by satellite imagery repository analisys using the CASSIE platform (Almeida et al., 2021). They were extracted from Landsat Surface Reflectance imagery to obtain the longest time series available on the platform (1984-2023). The images were previously filtered automatically by the CASSIE algorithm to select only images with cloud cover below 10%. Then, the images were selected by the user to exclude imagens containing clouds close to the mainland/water interface. The baselines were established in parallel to the planform shape of the beach systems, it was draw up in a way that CASSIE calculates the shoreline distance from the baseline using the waterline nearest to the ocean for the cases where the transects intercepts two or more time the identified waterline, as can occurs where the coast has features like sandbars, spits and lagoons. Transects were set up every 50 m along the baseline. The Otsu (1979) threshold used was the automatically suggested by CASSIE, with input equals to zero. ALMEIDA, L. P., EFRAIM de OLIVEIRA, I., LYRA, R., DAZZI, R. L. S., MARTINS, V. G. & KLEIN, A. H. da F. 2021. Coastal Analyst System from Space Imagery Engine (CASSIE): Shoreline management module. Environmental Modelling & Software, 140(105033). DOI:



Geographic Information System, Coastal Evolution, Satellite Image