Effect of gluten on yeast nitrogen metabolism

Published: 9 November 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4n2z3h8px4.1
Tong Chen


In order to preliminarily clarify the influence of nitrogen source concentration on the nitrogen metabolism pathway of yeast and the regulation mechanism. In this study, the traditional rice wine brewing process was used, adding glutenin to the fermentation experiment when dropping the tank. The content of higher alcohol and acetate in yeast nitrogen metabolism was monitored during fermentation, and the expression of related genes in yeast metabolic pathway was analyzed. The results showed that glutenin promoted the growth of yeast and changed the amino acid assimilation mode of yeast, promoted the absorption of amino acids in group B by yeast, and increased the accumulation of higher alcohol in branched chain. When the concentration of the nitrogen source is too high, the contents of higher alcohols and acetates tend to decrease, and reached the lowest value when the amount of glutenin added was 15.2 g, which was 3553.46 μg/L and 1230.77 μg/L, respectively. Compared with the control, it decreased by 14.0% and 27.0%, respectively. In addition, excessive nitrogen concentration inhibited gene expression.