Total capital and labor losses of floods in Indonesia

Published: 16 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4nfv9ghgxp.1
ambiyah abdullah


This dataset consists of estimated direct capital (at both Indonesia and three provinces’ levels) and labor losses due to flood in Indonesia. The direct capital losses of flood in Indonesia are calculated based on three following steps. First is mapping the direct flood losses of three provinces (based on the damages and flood losses reports published by BAPPENAS and BNPB) into sectors' classification at 2010 Indonesian IO table. Moreover, total direct flood losses of three provinces are also calculated at this step. Second is estimation of total direct flood losses for Indonesia by multiplying the total direct flood losses at first step with the total share of GDP of three provinces (Jakarta, West Papua, and North Sulawesi) over the 2010 total GDP of Indonesia at 2010 constant price. Third is estimation of direct capital losses of flood by dividing total direct flood losses over total capital of Indonesia. The total capital of Indonesia is based on data of capital at the 2010 Indonesian IO table. The same steps are applied for estimation of direct capital losses at three provinces levels. The labor losses of flood is calculated based on data of total affected people due to flood over the total population of Indonesia in 2010.



Secondary Data Analysis