A data set for the paper "Combining Fuzzy Logic and CEP Technology to Improve Air Quality in Cities"

Published: 3 April 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4njddyw68t.1
HERMENEGILDA MACIA, Gregorio Diaz, Juan Boubeta-Puig, Edelmira Valero Ruiz, Valentín Valero


CEP: - EPL patterns and data necessary to reproduce the analysis using Esper EPL on-line. MATLAB-FIS: - Fuzzy Inference System to be opened with MATLAB framework.


Steps to reproduce

CEP: Using the tool: .- old version: https://esper-epl-tryout.appspot.com/epltryout/mainform.html .- new version: https://www.esperonline.net/ 1.- Open the data file and use it as input data. 2.- Open the schema and epl patterns and use them. 3.- Apply patterns and observe whether the complex events obtained are the same. MATLAB: 1.- Open the APP: Fuzzy Logic Designer (Category: Control System Design and Analysis). 2.- Import the file "AQ_FIS.fis" 3.- In the "Rule viewer" wizard introduce the following data: alpha = 61.75 and gamma= 50.12 and beta = 3. 4.- Observe the output mu = 5.53


Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Universidad de Cadiz


Computer Science, Air Pollution, Intelligent Transportation System