Assessment of the floraTiaret. Algeria

Published: 4 May 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4njgvsg4z7.2


To present day, no study has been carried out on the local flora of the Sidi Abed mountain. Situated southern the city of Tiaret considered as natural barrier before steppe area. Twenty Phyto-ecological surveys with 100 m2 Braun-Blanquet minimum area were conducted.75 species, belonging to 29 families and 66 genera has been established. Asteraceae (20%), Fabaceae (10.7), Poaceae (10.7), Lamiaceae (6.7%), Apiaceae (5.3%) and Asparagaceae (5.3) were the most representative families covering more than 50% of the inventoried families. Moreover, Therophytes (48%) are majorly dominant with a notable decrease of the phanerophytes (5.3%), and increase of Hemicryptophytes (22.7%). Predominance of the Mediterranean biogeographic type species with a percentage of (41.3%) followed by the Eur. Med (10.7%) and W Med (10.7%) typical for Mediterranean semi-arid climate. 02 endemic species were present and rarity reached 9% combined of Rare (4%) and QR (5%). Among the taxa analyzed, 08 are included in the IUCN red list with different status and 02 are on the Algerian list of protected non-cultivated species.


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Fields survey during the favorite season Plant identification using the Flora of Quezel et santa. Statistics


Universite Ibn Khaldoun Tiaret


Botany, Taxonomy, Forest, Steppe