Study on Customer Behavior towards Online Food Ordering with Reference to Nagpur City (East Region)

Published: 22 July 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4njrhktv4g.2
padmakar Shahare


The recent improvement of the internet has increased the e-commerce industries in everywhere in India. Online food ordering is the method of ordering food through the restaurant's own website or mobile app. E-commerce expansion has made online food ordering services faultless for people who want to get food delivered at their doorway. In this study, researcher focus is to evaluate the behavior of customer towards online food ordering services in Nagpur city specifically east region. To understand about the factors have played a foremost role to attract customers for online ordering in the rising city like Nagpur, researcher decided to study on the customers behavior on online food ordering. In this research paper, there are two objectives set for further study. Firstly to identify the factors which influence the customers to order food online and secondly to recognize the customer‟s preferences on online food ordering services provider in Nagpur especially east region. To attain the said objectives survey will be conducted to collect the information, which helped to understand the behavior and perception of respondents for online food ordering in Nagpur (East). Keywords: Online food ordering, customer perception, E-commerce, online food, Nagpur



Online Participation, Consumer Affect, Consumer Attitude, Consumer Belief