A Virtual Reality Paradigm to assess Episodic Memory: Six different Maps and Schemes for Behavioral Assessment.

Published: 24-07-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4nt4t3zs8f.1
Fabian Schwimmbeck,
Daniel Göller,
Yvonne Höller


In this data-set, we provide a virtual reality task based on Unity3D/C# to assess episodic memory in a real-world miming scenario -i.e. walking through a virtual town. Participants may be instructed to walk through the virtual town in a self-paced manner (using arrow buttons) and to memorize items placed along the track through the map. After completing the track, participants may be instructed to recollect the items. The data-set includes an evaluation scheme to assess the participants performance based on five different scales: 1) What (the item i.e. "horse"), Detail (i.e. " was brown"), Where (Was the item located in the beginning/middle/end of the track?), Allocentrism ( attention to other items nearby: "Right beside the horse there was a man standing"), Egocentrism (orientation on the track: "Did you turn left or right after passing the item?) . Includes: 1. A training town for the instruction of the task and getting used to the navigation. 2. Six different virtual towns. 3. Evaluation schemes for behavioral assessment.