Banding and work-hardening data

Published: 19 November 2016| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4pdrfnn3kn.1
Bernard Ennis


Representative data and high resolution copies of all figures for manuscript entitled 'Study of the interplay between banding and the work hardening behaviour in a dual phase steel with improved formability' by Ennis, Jimenez-Melero, Bos, Aarnts and Lee. EPMA data of top and middle section of the slabs used as feedstock for the non-segregated and segregated samples, respectively. Tensile data of the four microstructure variants: NS-NB = Non-segregated, non banded S-NB = Segregated, non banded NS-B = Non-segregated, banded S-B = Segregated, banded


Steps to reproduce

EPMA data Data Type: Weight % Experimental conditions are contained in the csv files Tensile data: Strain rate 5 x 10-3/s


The University of Manchester, Tata Steel Research Development and Technology


Steel, Tensile Testing, Electron Probe Microanalyzer, Mapping